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Rover's Roost


The Clubhouse in 1981

The beginning...

It was an adventure. It was a leap of faith. Over one hundred of us sent out money to Kay and Joe Peterson.

What were we buying? We weren't sure except a little piece of desert with a dump station and a pole barn which we were to turn into a campground. And a dream. Did we know each other? No. We did know that caring and sharing were real and we could make the park come true. So the guys formed work crews and the women baked cookies to feed them. We bonded by achieving our goals together. We became family.

Kay wanted a clubhouse to host an Escapade. She knew how much money there was for it and the clubhouse rose within those constraints. It did not have more than sheet rock on the outside walls for years until the present stucco could be budgeted. We raised money any way we could. One of the novel ways was to buy chances on who would win the first flush when the bathrooms were completed.

Was our investment a good one? It was priceless - fun, fellowship, family. Who could ask for anything more.

Our story